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OPENING KEYNOTE: Functional sleep connectivity: from slow oscillations to the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network

Over the last decades, a particular attention has been paid on the functional brain networks associated with brain states and their dynamics across changes of states of vigilance. This global perspective of the brain activity, which accounts for the brain mechanisms...


Julie Carrier, Ph.D
Deputy Vice-Rector of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies; 2021 CSS Distinguished Scientist
Université de Montréal
2021-10-28 Keynotes Julie Carrier, Ph.D,

KEYNOTE 1: Neural circuits underlying sleep structure and functions

Brain activity during sleep is characterized by circuit-specific oscillations, including slow waves, spindles, sharp-wave ripples or theta, that are nested in thalamocortical or hippocampus networks, respectively. However, the activity of other brain circuits is...


Antoine Adamantidis
University of Bern
2021-10-29 Keynotes Antoine Adamantidis,

KEYNOTE 2: Understanding and treating sleep problems in children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders Dr. Penny Corkum, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Over the past 25 years Dr. Corkum has conducted empirical studies to better our understanding of the nature of sleep problems, particularly insomnia, in children with neurodevelopmental disorders (especially ADHD) compared to their neurotypical peers. A series of sleep...


Penny Corkum
Dalhousie University
2021-10-29 Keynotes Penny Corkum,

KEYNOTE 3: Roles of astrocytes in modulating sleep/wake neurons: A novel mechanism for sleep homeostasis?

Sleep is a vital biological process that is regulated by the brain and the body. A half century of research has delineated various neuronal systems involved in different aspects of sleep and wakefulness. Non-neuronal cells in the brain, however, have been increasingly...


Kazue Semba
Dalhousie University
2021-10-29 Keynotes Kazue Semba,

KEYNOTE 4: Sleep Health Disparities: Implications for Improving Population Health

Dr. Johnson will utilize a socio-ecological model to discuss racial and socioeconomic disparities in sleep health and sleep disorders. She will discuss empirical research on the social and environmental determinants as well as the health consequences of insufficient...


Dayna Johnson
Emory University
2021-10-29 Keynotes Dayna Johnson,

KEYNOTE 5: Maternal Sleep-Disordered Breathing during Pregnancy: Cardiometabolic Implications for Mother and Baby

This talk will provide an overview of associations between cardiometabolic disease (eg. Gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia) and sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) during pregnancy. There will also be a review of key papers highlighting potential...


Sushmita Pamidi
McGill University
2021-10-29 Keynotes Sushmita Pamidi,

KEYNOTE 6: Sleep for Memory

Whereas memories are optimally encoded and retrieved when the brain is awake, the consolidation and formation of long-term memory requires an offline mode of processing as optimally established only during sleep. Based on evidence from behavioral and neurobiological...


Jan Born
University of Tubingen, Germany
2021-10-30 Keynotes Jan Born,

KEYNOTE 7: Re-Thinking Oral Appliance Therapy

This lecture will cover the role of patient-centered approaches and P4 strategies with deeper focus on evaluating treatment efficacy and effectiveness. This session will enable attendees to re-think how they provide treatment to individuals with sleep apnea and...


Fernanda Almeida
University of British Columbia
2021-10-30 Keynotes Fernanda Almeida,

KEYNOTE 8: The mechanistic role of sleep in fear processes underlying anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Abnormal fear processes are a hallmark feature of PTSD and almost all anxiety disorders. These disorders are also marked by characteristic sleep disruptions. Work in both animal and human models have linked these two clinical features, arguing sleep, especially REM...


Sean P. Drummond
Monash University
2021-10-30 Keynotes Sean P. Drummond,

KEYNOTE 9: Light, Circadian Rhythms and Human Health

Natural outdoor light and artificial indoor light can impact our mental and physical health. In this talk we will examine how light reaches the brain and can alter brain centers that regulate circadian (body clock) timing, sleep and mood. Specific properties of light...


Helen Burgess
University of Michigan Medical School
2021-10-30 Keynotes Helen Burgess,

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Pathophysiological Interactions Between Sleep Apnea And Fluid-retaining States: A Two-way Street

Obstructive and central sleep apnea (OSA and CSA, respectively) are much more common in subjects with fluid retaining states, such as heart and renal failure (HF and RF, respectively), than in those without these conditions. We found, in patients with HF, that the...


Douglas Bradley
2021 CIHR-ICRH/CSS Distinguished Lecturer
University of Toronto
2021-10-30 Keynotes Douglas Bradley,